Still Mine

It’s pouring out 

I don’t know where to begin

It’s been a few years 

Yet time is standing still 

Feels like you’re letting go 

Of places I didn’t know 

Stories not meant to end 

Spaces we couldn’t rent 

I’ve had enough today 

Still mine, come whatever I will find 

And bring you here in this place 

Disguised, I’ve been a fool since July 

Have you heard what I’ve prayed?

In time, we all realize 

Some things are better off dead

Yet I’ll have you instead 

I don’t know where it, don’t know where we mend…Times like these it’s better to pretend...

You’re still mine 


These days are running high 

My feet they take to flight 

You never said goodbye 

I was blind, I failed to try 

Where did your hang head?

Put up your feet to rest?

Was there more than met the eye? 

Made believe in you & I 

We should be better

It’s time to be more 

Rise to find your fight inside 

Make it so we’ll be alright 

Together, we could be better 

My fears they tend to hide 

As I surely start to slide 

These walls have kept me safe 

Escape through an aeroplane 

You never said goodbye 

Your feet they took to flight 

Make believe in you & I

Is this freedom, if you die?


These fleeting thoughts everyday

Come wither in my dismay

With you there was no regard

For the vultures that come to path

Come to path 


These demons that dress me up

Are so pretty I self destruct 

With me you should disregard 

My weapons that come to path

Come to path


Fear that you are prey

I cannot embrace this grace

Come with, you can stay 

I cannot embrace this grace

With me far away 


Dress me, up in your carcasses

Clip their wings and tear them down


Way down below, you say please come & go

Making moves as you sleaze

Tempt me with fire, wish I could wash away your sins

Purify the slither in my desire


I will phase you out


Our heavy hearts, have burnt those bridges down

The way you keep around crashing around

Our weary sons, have been turning inside out

Take me & put me in the ground again


Way down below, you say please come & go

Purify the slither in my desire


Travel back to when

She was once my home

We claimed to be fearless

Naive & restless

Spent our days in daze


Give me back, those years, my dear

Give me time, to face, my fears


I used to call you friend

Now you’ve changed & gone

You said we’d stand real tall

Afraid you’d fall

Do you believe in fate?


Years still alive to me

Maybe May, I will find you free

This time, may the oceans ease

Before we get too lost


Now I’m here back then

Our time restless

What could have been endless

You’re making me die

A little, inside


Have our fears, led us here?


Travel back to when

You were once my home

I changed for better not worse

This is my old town

Left so we did not drown


Let me chase you again, my dear

Losing you, was my only fear


I won't ache out loud

No matter what they say

You've been choking me 

I can finally see


I won't fear the fight

There's no flight in me

I can't stand by you, 

Do as you please


Oh break it...


Fake your honor

This is how we live

Kill your brother

This is how we live

Fall for another 

This is how we live

Do you feel so clever?

This is how we live


I would like to feel

Your begging knees

This what I need

Verses your disease 


There are ways down here

To disappear 

Take a second more

Do as you please


Said I could finally be on my own 

You said you said

Said I could finally be on my own 

You know you know


Your switches burn through riches too 


Wake me up, before you leave

Remember her, remember this

Break apart, in your sleep

Remember him, remember dreams


Will you let me in?

And forgive my crimes?

I don’t care of I, haven’t done my time

Will you save my life?

Show me wrong from right?


You may see I, can’t see the light

Truth be told, I don’t want to find

Remember this, remember dreams

I gave you life, everything


Incessantly, you make me breathe,

I’m guilty despite, what I pled

Incessantly, she makes me breathe,

I’m guilty despite, what I pled

Let it go


This is the only way I, know how much of me I despise
The only way I, will have enough of me
Told: seek and you shall find, yet I deny this truth
Overrated and assured, didn’t think I’d get this ill

No we can’t see, the frailties of our greed
So this must mean, lust reigns through silent screams
Why won’t we see, the ways to become clean
The fault on that I kneel, comes to motion

Here I am again, again, digging my own end
What becomes of this? and then, time gets older
Collapse in a thousand ways, no breath from beneath the stones
Can’t be angry with you, with no one but myself

Here I am again, again, Digging my own end
What becomes of this? And them, I’ve had enough of me


I assumed, behaved,
Still runnin’ on empty, she moves lazy,
True, we’ve been used,
Feels so wrong to be this high lady

Look at life, watch ‘til/you dawn
Take the time, with what went wrong

So many times, you ignore my lies
Does it even, hurt you inside, you’ve been there before my time
Yet it/we feel the same

I tarred, feathered tries,
Still runnin’ on smoke screens, take what you need
Who, are you?
Feels so right to be this high lady

If you did wait, oh the things, we’d hate
Would you walk me down? Now you walk me out


I’ve been set aback, trying to be someone
Just the way it works, until the right day comes
Baby say the words, say the worst will fall
Did you find, I wasted all your time?

Did it before you said forever, disappeared insane this weather
Now and then alone together, disappeared insane this weather

Walked in the room, did this start too soon?
Let us tell each, things we need to hear

Once, I sigh, we would die


Say to me, true, it will be
Write these words, on your skin
Bleed into, my suffering
Honestly, leave, and let me be

Cut me down, where you lay
Fence her in, face every crowds
Rest assured, I’ll miss you
Violently, we cease to be

You said you didn’t regret what you said
And I spoke with remorse in return

Why so down, I feel like I'm breaking, stranger
Count me out, hear my sound...head down but best your breathe

You are here, but I don’t know you, I don’t know you

Fashioned new words, dreamt new songs
Erased what we could, sent back the good
We missed out on so much these years


Could try, to separate my eyes, because my worst is in plain sight
Sometimes I’m forced to walk the mines, inside
Did try, faster we sink I resort to lies, because my best isn’t down to fight
Will our mechanics synchronize? In time

Silence, as I deceive – go your own way please
Farewell, as we retreat – tear my vices clean
Sail into flames, buried those games, each & every name…

Make right, you did your best & I did mine, cut the chord & hear the cries
Will our mechanics compromise? Decide
Arrived, this place is where we meant to hide, did you think that we’d survive?
Never do this, one more time

Go you own way, tear my vices